Seventh is a critical element of dinosaur training is that the time – almost always – to use a thick vultures in almost all exercises on upper body and grip. Why fat vultures? There are several reasons – but the main reason is directly related to principle # 1) dinosaurs, which is called “hard WORK”. Dinosaurs train with thick vultures, because vultures use fat allows you to turn any exercise from just heavy to incredibly heavy. No matter how hard You treniruotis – You will train EVEN HARDER – and therefore more productive – if you will use all of the exercises for the upper body a thick neck.

The beginning of the century strongmen ” regularly used thick barbells in the workouts and on your ideas. They developed at the same fantastic effect. Imagine the caved bench (the bench above your head with one hand) with a weight of 168 kg performed by Arthur Saxon. Gakkenshmidt, performed the snatch with one hand with a weight of 90 kg. Herman Gerner could lift in the deadlift with one hand 330 kg. Saxon lifted a bag of flour weighing in at 136 kg from the ground and squeezed him in outstretched arms over your head. Louis Cyr could lift the shoulder on the barrel to 182 kg with ONE HAND. All these athletes are regularly used for their training vultures and fat a dumbbell with fat handles – and all of them had terrible, mind-boggling forces. Maybe, just maybe, and modern athletes have something to learn from the dinosaurs of the past. And maybe one of those things that we really can learn from our ancestors, is the importance of training with a thick neck.

The eighth element of dinosaur training is the emphasis on a large number of grown-up work on the grip. This is another area where the strongmen of the past remain unsurpassed. Hard work on the grip was a regular part of the program of any athlete. Today, almost anybody seriously is not engaged in the grip. This is a huge mistake. Work on grip is absolutely necessary for the development of FUNCTIONAL strength.

Today, most don’t even bother training forearms (!), and those who do, and it does, usually reduce this work to a couple of approaches with a large number of repetitions of flexion of the hands at the wrists or lifting on a biceps by a reverse grab ” with a weight of barely over an empty fretboard. How train your grip dinosaurs, absolutely not like stuff from magazines for diapers. Dinosaurs lift, hold and carry heavy, awkward items – barbells, dumbbells with thick handles, barrels, sandbags, logs, anvils, and other items. Dinosaurs train grip with large weights and high intensity. They are aiming for something more than just a pair of well developed forearms. Their goal is to bring the strength and power of your hands and fingers up to the absolute maximum. Goal – the development of this power, compared with which the grip will seem like a toy!

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