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Hello, this is Gina. Welcome to my website. I am a massage therapist with a Chinese medicine background. I have a master degree of Chinese medicine and a bachelor degree of health science. I received my education in the western world also from the Taoist master who lives in the heart of great mountain in China. If you are searching for a solution for your health concern I am here to show you a different way to understand the disease and the different way to treat the disease. At Delight Health Care you can experience the ancient oriental healing arts and find peace of mind. My specialty is combine some treatment from Chinese medicine with massage to take care of soft tissue problems as well as chronic diseases, such as headaches, cough, insomnia, etc. The improvement can be achieved after the first session. Qi gong classes and food therapy are part of my practice. They are part of your treatment as well. In my Qi gong classes I will share with you the profound knowledge of life. Through Qi gong practice you shall gain a great amount of healing energy for self healing and develop your physical and mental potential. 


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