All Beauty Tips

 * Light a light massage or Moisturizer cream in upward strokes all over your face. This will dissolve dead surface skin
  cells and leaves your skin softer and smoother. It will also prepare your complexion for the favorable treatment to

 </span>* Prepare a solution of tea leaves and water in Which the mint leaves and fenugreek seeds are added. Boil this
solution and steam your face with it in a manner similar to take steam inhalation during a bad cold. Make sure the
steam in all areas of your face. This serves as food for the skin as it is very nutritious and refreshing.

* Take a tissue and wipe out the moisture. This removes the dead cells and dirt from the skin.

* Apply a cold compress following to close the open pores. Take a tissue dipped in iced fruit juice (one that is suitable
  for your skin) and place the cloth on your face.
Leave for 10 minutes. Smooth the delicate eye area under your eyes
  with a
soothing eye cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and makes the skin very soft

* After that, a face mask, facial mask powder and milk for dry skin and mask powder and rose water for oily skin – and
  apply all over your face and neck. Keep two of wet cotton swabs and rinse your eyes on the mask out of semi-dry or
after 20 minutes.

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