American Express Expatriate Medical Insurance

If you need a first-class expat medical insurance policy backed up by excellent service levels,
contact “. Our extensive range of health insurance programmes have been
developed for expatriates over many years. They offer some of the best cover benefits available
and Goodhealth policyholders know that we are always close by to help if they become ill or have
an accident whilst overseas.

Goodhealth will also provide assistance and advice if you are unfamiliar with the medical
systems and languages in different countries. This means that an expat medical insurance product
from American Express can give you real peace of mind.

” if you want to find out more about our expat medical insurance products.

American Express can take care of all your expat medical insurance needs

When you are working or living abroad, expatriate medical insurance from Goodhealth gives you
access to first-class medical treatment. Our extensive medical network boasts some of the best
clinics and hospitals in the world, ensuring you get the right medical cover when you need it most.

Goodhealth has a wide variety of products so you are sure to find one to suit your individual
budget and needs. And because we are a specialist provider of expatriate medical insurance, you
can be certain that the right expertise will always be close at hand.

Goodhealth Worldwide, the right provider for your medical needs

Goodhealth is a leading expat medical insurance provider. Our range of policies gives you
access to some of the best medical facilities around the world and our experience and network
of regional offices in key expatriate locations ensures claims are handled by people who
really understand their local areas. This means claims can be settled locally – quickly and
efficiently. You can take a look at some of our case studies
here – ” / ” /
” / “.

American Express products protect your assets as well as your health because your
policy will pay for the right, but often prohibitively expensive, medical treatment when you need it.
As one of the most experienced providers of expatriate medical insurance, we have been helping
expatriates around the world for over 25 years. Goodhealth is passionate about providing the right
health insurance cover for you and your family and the very best service to back it up.
We’ll be there to help, wherever you are.

Goodhealth and American Express

With the needs of expatriates in mind, American Express has teamed up with Goodhealth – a leading
provider of expatriate medical insurance – to create a range of American Express expat medical
insurance healthcare plans available solely to American Express Card members.

Goodhealth has over 25 years’ experience and an established network of local claims centres
throughout the world – expatriates can count on us for cover and care wherever they need it.

Goodhealth Worldwide will provide factual information on individual American Express expatriate
medical insurance product features and benefits to allow you to decide whether it is suitable for
your needs. We will not provide an opinion or recommendation on its suitability for you.

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