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Scarlett Letters Summary ( Voluptuousness takes reign: The young star who brought curves back into the limelight speaks of fame, fashion, family, and the desire for a low-profile. CELEBRITY Articles | Full Story We test lip plumpers Summary (Fashion Finds) Yearning for full lips alike to Angelina Jolie’s? Four testers try out five different brands on the market, so that saves you the hassle of achieving glossy, luscious lips.

BEAUTY Tips | Full Story Making a big hair change Summary (MSN Lifestyle) Want to use your hair to change your image? Here are tips on where to start.

FASHION Tips | Full Story Is thinner always better? Summary (Mag4You) Loosing pounds fast on a restrictive diet is not as enticing as it seems. Find out why reducing your calories might also reduce your lifespan.

HEALTH Articles | Full Story Colour of the moment: Royal blue Summary (MSN Lifestyle) Summer this year brings us a colour that is totally cool and trendy. Here is what we should look out for in blue.

FASHION Tips | Full Story Learning to love your body Summary (Beauty Tips Online) Your body is a temple – Boost your confidence and give your body the respect it deserves. HEALTH Articles | Full Story Louis Vuitton Handbags Summary (Fashion Alley) Find out more about the history of Louis Vuitton, and the 3 new bags that they have in store for us. FASHION Articles | Full Story Develop your own personal fashion style Summary (Fashion Alley) A personal style depicts a strong sense of individualism. Allow your clothes to speak for your personality, and follow through this definitive guide to keep you in-tuned with your own fashion aesthetics.

FASHION Articles | Full Story Wine and your health Summary (Pioneer Thinking) Love to drink? Here are a few reasons why the second glass of red might not necessarily hurt. HEALTH Articles | Full Story Are your shoes sending the right message? Summary (MSN Lifestyle) We have never realised it either, but it seems like our shoes can tell others a lot about our personality.

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