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How do you define web hosting

Web hosting is the process of storing, serving, and maintaining website data files on a shared server, virtual private server (VPS), or a dedicated server. The purpose is to allow a website to be publicly accessible via an international collection of networked computers configured with specialized software and located at various physical locations throughout the world known as the Internet.

What is meant by managed web hosting

Managed web hosting, as it relates to services provided by Ataraxis Web Design, is a full suite of administrative, setup, monitoring, maintenance, backup, and technical support services for small business websites. This type of web hosting is ideal for small business owners who require an Internet presence but all not technically inclined or prefer to have all their Internet information technology needs managed by a qualified person or company. Typical managed hosting services usually only include management of the physical small business server and the operating system that powers it. I have extended on that practice to cover all necessary tasks in maintaining an Internet presence.

Are your small business servers in Toronto

Yes, our small business server is located at 151 Front Street in Toronto; it is a major Internet backbone point as well as being home to more than 150 telecommunications companies. Ataraxis Web Design leases resources from a larger wholesaler as is the case with most design and development companies. It is the same location that houses the server for this website. As a full service web design, development, and managed hosting company serving Greater Toronto small businesses it is important that the websites of my clients will be hosted locally to ensure quicker response time by cutting down on hops that the data packets travel to reach the site visitors.

Are your small business web servers only for clients in the GTA Greater Toronto Area

Any small business may subscribe to my managed web hosting package regardless of where they are physically located in the world. If your small business target audience is primarily within the Greater Toronto area you stand to benefit very much from quick response time. Equally as well if your small business simply has the need for a reliable and trustworthy managed web hosting and technical support service then you can confidently depend on Ataraxis Web Design to fulfill that requirement. It is like having a full time “computer guy” on staff for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day!

What do you mean by website maintenance

As an all inclusive managed web hosting service you will be entitled to website maintenance as part of your hosting package. Website maintenance is the task of changing or updating existing pages of your site, monitoring site traffic to ensure security and reliability, analysis of site traffic through web analytics to ensure peak search engine optimization benefits are applied, as well as continually seeking out new high quality directories or websites to get your site listed on. Web maintenance does not include the addition of new pages which are subject to regular design and development prices/rates.

What is the difference between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting

At the root level perspective they are different operating systems. From a development perspective different technologies run on these two primary choices of web servers when it comes to web hosting. Windows Server hosting packages support the proprietary Microsoft stream of applications whereas Linux hosts most other available alternatives. The most popular, and in my opinion the best choices of technologies for Internet development are built on a foundation of what is known in the Internet industry as LAMP; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I use Windows on my PC, will I need a Windows web hosting package for my website

A common misconception some people have is that websites developed for Linux web hosting packages can only be viewed by people accessing a website using Linux as the operating system on their computers, or websites for Windows Server web hosting packages can only be viewed by people accessing a site using a Windows based operating system on their computers. Regardless of which stream of technology is applied on the server side of web development all visitors can view websites irrespective of which operating system they have on their computer.

Will I need to learn the Linux operating system if I use a Linux web hosting plan

No, even though your website will be hosted on a Linux server it will not be necessary to learn how to use the Linux OS. When you login into your website control panel you will be presented with a familiar looking graphical user interface much like the one you are accustomed to on your Windows based PC.

I often work away from my office, can I access my domain email from any computer

You will be able to access your email from a beach in Aruba or from Resolute Bay, as long as you have access to an Internet connection your web based email will be accessible to you all the time. In addition to your standard web based email I am also able to offer a variety of features to permit you to interact with your clients through website forms, PDA devices, as well as your mobile phone.

I have a website hosted with another web hosting company, can I transfer it to yours

Yes, existing websites hosted with a web hosting company other than Ataraxis Web Design may be transferred to our server. There are a few important considerations to take into account when performing such a transfer to ensure that your present website does not go through a service interruption during the transfer phase. It is very important not to leave the task to the last minute. A few examples that need to be considered are items such as have you been using a database on your previous server and is it compatible with the present server environment? Do you have a backup copy of it ready to place on your new server? Are there underlying server side supporting technologies being used with your present configuration and will they need to be installed (or can they even be installed) on your new server environment? What is the status of your domain name registration and who is the registrar? As you can see if you wait until the last minute to look into these matters you risk incurring a renewal charge with your old provider to keep your site active before it can be transferred.

Why pay to host my site when I can get free web hosting somewhere else

If you take your small business website seriously you must know that hosting your website on a free web hosting provider is asking for trouble. Whoever is providing that free service is paying for the server resources elsewhere and they have bills to pay, in all probability you will have to run advertisements on your site, what if some of those advertisements are for your competitor, would not be an ideal situation would it? Another common factor is you will not have a domain name that is not conducive to the best of search engine optimization strategies. At best you may have to choose a name such as yourcompanyname.webs.com instead of www.yourcompanyname.com as well as sharing over populated server space and resources. Why go through the effort and financial cost of designing and developing a website only to subject it to the counter productive practice of hosting it on a free web server.

Besides, as part of my all inclusive design, development, and managed web hosting service you will receive the first year of managed hosting for free. This will give you an opportunity to assess and evaluate the value my service. At the end of that year (or any time in between) you are free to choose another web hosting company or stay with Ataraxis Web Design and subscribe to a standard managed web hosting plan, or request a custom one that suits your requirements. The total yearly cost will be about the same as the cost of a cup of coffee a day…mmmmmm a nice strong black cuppa java 🙂

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