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Welcome to Boost Space One: Please feel free to look around and click the links for more information on the Spaceward Foundation Beam Challenge, nanotube technology and other teams competing in the Spaceward Challenges. In addition to the challenges, I’ll be posting my own discoveries and the construction of my transporter so to speak. Please keep checking the updates on my menu bar bi-weekly or monthly.

Outline: After monitoring the progressive stages of each team. I‘ve concluded that my concept transporter may in fact have a chance at this challenge. I’ve decided to enter the 2010 games with an unconventional approach. My prototype should be smaller, lighter and very fast. I plan on using composite materials and developing my own DC motors to eliminate weight. My biggest challenge will be the construction of a graphite tether cord within a controlled environment. The tether needs to be 2 grams and no greater than 2 meters in length.  

The Plan: Under updates there is a forecast which will outline the many steps to my prototype so please remember to log in for changes to www.Boostspaceone.com. Also, please remember the cost of inventing is not cheap so this might take a little time but it will be done.

Caution: in addition to the above findings, please do not attempt to mimic my experiments as the results may not be the same and some steps will not be included in my outlines. I am basing my finding only on experience and what I see as safe practice. Feel free to ask me any questions and thanks for the support.

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