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Drupal 7 has been released for months now, new concepts have appeared, the API has been modified and some hooks have been updated too. Drupal 7 has changed a lot since version 6 !
Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the opportunity to play with it on a big project.

To prepare my transition from 6 to 7, I bought books, I read lots of articles on the Internet but I still felt like I did not know this version very well. There is so much to discover that I started looking for a new way to learn about the API.

The idea came to me from a Christmas present by my sister in law. She offered me a calendar, with a new enigma to solve every day. A that moment, I thought : « why not do the same with Drupal, every day a new thing to learn. »

At the beginning, this project was just for me and I said to myself that something useful for one developer could be useful for another. Here we are several days later, I have created this service that give you a new way to learn a little bit more of Drupal every day. Using only this website to learn all the API functions would take you too much time – but it sure can’t do any harm 🙂

The purpose of this service is not to compete with the official API. Documentations and comments must remain over there! This is just a little contribution to the drupal community. I hope it will help you.

If you find the idea useful or want to share your opinion, your ideas, feel free to send me your feedback on how I could improve this website.

Hi, my name is Julien Dubreuil, I’ve been a PHP web developer for +5 years and a Drupal web developer for +3 years.

I live in France, I’m involved in the French Drupal association and I’m one the coordinators of the Drupal User Group in Paris.

I’m passionate about the Internet, I like trying new technologies and discovering new things, I like to tweet and share about Drupal on my blog.

I hope Drupal every day will help you.

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