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No doubt a great many travelers will opt for the convenience
of air travel or cruise ships but why not consider something a
bit more traditional, a bit more exciting. Just like Columbus,
Francis Drake, Hemingway, rum smugglers and other adventurers
– let your first view of Cuba be through morning’s misty first
light from the deck of a
sturdy sailing ship. Cross the 90
miles from Key West aboard one of our comfortable, seaworthy
ships with yourself at the helm steering to the
glow of
Havana’s lights
on the night horizon.

During the past decades many Key West captains have found
legal routes to “run the blockade” and enjoy the
denied to everyone else. As a result we are at home
in the Straits’ currents, navigating the harbor breakwaters,
communicating in Spanish to immigration officials, and
describing the endless things to see and do throughout Havana.
No packing and unpacking of bags is required since your base
will be a comfortable yacht secure in the luxurious world
class Marina Hemingway. Old Cuban friends speaking fluent
English will be eager to act as your guides and arrange
transportation in a classic auto from the 50s. When you are
not exploring the sights in Havana and surrounding mountains,
you will enjoy lounging around the marina’s several pools,
tennis courts, bars, restaurants, and discos while meeting
other international seafaring travelers.


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