Somaiya social cell-sahas

SAHAS (Somaiya Action for HIV/AIDS Support)started by the K.J.Somaiya Medical Trust, aims at supporting those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The Social Cell took it upon itself to support such a noble endeavour.

SAHAS has created an SHG aimed at providing training in different disciplines to women who have had a member in their family afflicted by HIV. SAHAS aims at making the women self sufficient and supporting their families. The disciplines in which they are trained include tailoring, embroidery and making artificial jewellery. They are provided with prospective customers and also assistance in marketing their products. Once these women have gained sufficient proficiency in their skill they are encouraged to set their own shop and train the new entrants; thereby continuing the cycle.

Members of the Social Cell also regularly go around and find new trends in the market and update the training given to these women. This makes their skills relevant to today’s times. Microfinance is another new initiative in the pipeline for SAHAS; to assist the women who’ve completed their training to move on independently. SAHAS has recently enlarged its scope to also empower women from economically challenged backgrounds.

Hopefully an initiative like this will provide these families with the strength and “courage” to conquer the evils of poverty.

To see the products of Project SAHAS click here>>

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