Soman micro accurate


and Objectives

large organizations are implementing ISO 9000/QS 9000 quality 
system, to
achieve total quality and zero defect products.

maintain this status of achievement, the industry needs, various
products and services are to be fully satisfied on continuous basis. To
achieve this target, the large industries insist to have a full proof
quality management systems at their suppliers end.

     These suppliers are either small-scale
industries or ancillaries of the large groups. A known fact is, these
small-scale industries are finding difficult to have ISO
9000/QS 9000 certification considering the cost constraints

small scale industries are in a need of a quality system, which is:-

  • Easy to implement
  • Within their budget
  • Acceptable to customer
  • Confirming the quality requirements
  • Result oriented

Self-Certification is
an ideal quality management system to fulfill the need of small-scale

    Soman Micro Accurate guides
& assists to small-scale industries in developing this system.

is Self Certification?
non contractual quality management system leading to –
  • Self confidence in the products manufactured
  • Up-gradation of product quality
  • Strengthen the trust and confidence level with customer
  • Win-Win situation between supplier and customer
  • Total customer satisfaction

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