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February 19, 2012
  Avery Webster


Think you saw the end of MySpace? According to new owners Justin Timberlake and brothers Tim and Chris Vanderhook, you’ve only seen the beginning. The revamp is going to be extensive, but in the words of the conglomerate’s newly appointed entertainment chief, “the revolution is coming.”

If you’re like me, you remember MySpace in what (I had assumed) was its peak. All the cool kids had one, and it was the perfect platform for posting good pictures of yourself, bad pictures of your enemies and whatever songs you wanted to with no regard for copyright infringement. Then Facebook came along, and all of those things became easier, so we all migrated away from MySpace and it became a ghost town of a social network… like Friendster.

But in the mid-2000’s, something started happening on MySpace. Music artists—popular ones, indie ones and undiscovered ones—all started using MySpace as the method of choice for sharing new music and connecting with fans. It became something of an arts community for the rest of us.

Last summer, the “new” MySpace began rolling out, with an updated music player to better facilitate this type of musical community. But, there’s more, we’re assured by the new management.

It’s also rumored that MySpace will begin hosting original video content as well as expanding its current music sharing capacity.

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