Often when an individual encounters any oral problem, he becomes perplexed whether to consult an oral surgeon or a dentist. He may wonder regarding the difference between the two medical professionals. When you look from the outer surface, they both perform more or less the similar kind of job overlapping a set of tasks. Both the medical practitioners deal with the problems associated with gum and the teeth and help in repairing the damage. But the truth is that there are some vital differences between dentists and oral surgeons which is worth noting.

Difference in Nature of Job

The first and foremost distinction between the oral surgeon in Kolkata and a dentist is regarding their nature of the job. The oral surgeon will deal with more serious and complicated cases where the patient has incurred severe and grave injuries to his mouth which has resulted in teeth loss or damage to tongue, gum tissue and bone. Firstly the extent of the injury or damage has to be determined before beginning the reconstruction procedure. If it is a emergency case, the dentist will refer the patient to oral surgeon for better treatment. At times, both the professionals have to work together using their own particular training and sets of techniques in conjunction. Sometimes, they are even assisted by an orthodontist during the treatment and healing process. Therefore each of the oral doctor specialist has a role to play toward the total goal.

Identifying the Early Signs and Symptoms

It is equally extremely essential to identify and detect the early signs and symptoms of oral disease especially the deadly cancer. The oral diseases symptoms can only be detected when you experience some kind of discomfort or toothache and consult the dentist for it. However, it is more frightening when you discover that you have been diagnosed with cancer. The early signs include excessive bleeding of the gums, development of lumps on the gums and lips, chronic sore throat, intense pain in the mouth, a sudden change in the voice, unexplained loss of weight and sore in face or mouth for more than a fortnight. The oral surgeon usually deals with cases where there is a fracture in the jaw bone or has implant a new bone in place of a missing one. This is a very delicate procedure which must be done very carefully.

Specific Role of the Surgeon

The role of the oral surgeon becomes more than important when it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery because he has to deal with deepest level of gum tissue which is usually outside the dentist’s area of focus. This requires specific expertise and the implant is a complicated procedure. It would take time before the new implanted bone can adjust on its own making the foundation as solid as before. On the other hand, the role of the dentist is to fix the false teeth or do a root canal. Dentists and oral surgeon in Kolkata have different responsibilities. They focus on different areas of the mouth.

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