In simple terms, chemotherapy refers to the use of medication or combination of medicines to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is what comes to mind when cancer treatment is being talked about since it is the most popular and conventional way to destroy cancer cells in the human body. The development of chemotherapy is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs ever most especially when it comes to treating cancer. For so many years doctors and other medical experts have been looking for ways to treat this disease and chemotherapy is the closest that they have come in treating cancer.

Basically, what chemotherapy does is to use chemicals to destroy cancerous cells in the different part of our body. But in the process, some healthy might get destroyed as well which is the reason why chemotherapy has its own negative side effects. For now, chemotherapy’s good effects outweigh the bad effects so it is still being used as main cancer treatment by medical experts. Chemotherapy can be used in different ways depending on the type of cancer suffered by the patient and also depending on other circumstances.

Based on the viewpoint of an average person, chemotherapy is expensive and it would cause the patient to lose all of his or her hair in the process. Those impressions are partly true since it is indeed expensive, and it could cause hair fall. However, not all patients would suffer from hair loss when being treated using chemotherapy. If the patient suffers from hair loss, it is only considered normal and hair would just grow back as soon as chemotherapy is stopped. How expensive the treatment would be depends on how severe the cancer that is suffered by a patient. The more frequent the therapy is, the more expensive it gets.

Chemotherapy is considered by many as only as a temporary solution for cancer rather than a permanent cure. Though it could destroy cancer cells, it could not completely eliminate them. If successful, it could minimize the level of cancer cells in the body to a point that it is not considered serious. There would always be a risk that cancer cells would return to a level that is considered severe. When a patient is declared cancer free, it means that the level of cancer found in the human body is at a point that it could not be detected by medical equipments but it does not mean that the cancer cells are not there.

The application of chemotherapy is very sensitive and should be done very carefully. Insufficient dosage of chemicals used would not destroy cancer cells and overdose would lead to high level of toxicity. Most of the time, chemotherapy is done intravenously but there are also other ways that it could be delivered such as oral administration.

Even though the ultimate cure for cancer has yet to be discovered, it is already a big step that we have chemotherapy. Especially if cancer is detected at an early stage, there is a big chance for a patient to recover and have the levels of cancer in his or her body to a point that it is not dangerous.

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