No individual is free from health problems. One has to experience the bitter truth of health conditions at one time or the other irrespective of age. Even though men and women are equally affected, there are certain conditions pertaining to specific gender. Apart from various other conditions like prostate cancer and baldness, one such disease that targets the male population is very well known by the name male impotence. It is also known among people by the name erectile dysfunction. This health condition is proven to be a devastating experience for a man and his partner. Nowadays, sexual problems are common among individuals. The assumption that the impotence problem may not affect one the same way as another person is the root cause of impotence. This ignorance is the beginning of a major health hazard, which many males do not give importance.

Men above 65 years of age are more are prone to impotence and is estimated to be around 30 million. Although, male impotence was considered as a health hazard of the elderly population, it equally affects the younger individuals. The correct identification of symptoms at the right time can bring about a major difference in the health condition. One reason for impotence may be an erection that does not allow vaginal penetration due to decreased firmness of the penis. A male is able to get an erection but is unable to sustain it, it is also impotence. The attained erection may sometimes lose its rigidity while penetration into the vagina is impotence as well. Thus, intelligence lies in identifying the correct cause at the correct time.

Earlier, when the drugs for impotence were not invented, men had to convince themselves by putting the burden on the age. There are several impotence remedies available owing to the scientific advancements in the field of male impotence including oral drugs like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, natural remedies, education, hypnosis, injections, urethral suppositories, pumps and many other ways. The male can either experience betterment in his condition or may be completely free from the impotence problem forever with the help of these treatment options. It has also been proposed that impotence is treatable at any age. This is how identification of the cause of impotency at the right time can do wonders.

However, in order to have a better understanding of the reason for impotence, it is very essential to initially understand the process of erection. Particular sequential events are responsible for achieving an erection including the presence of a sexually tempting event that stimulates the nerve to send a signal to the central nervous system. The brain then responds to the signals and sends signals to the penile tissues. Moreover, this increases the flow of blood to the penile tissues that get filled and result in a powerful erection. Usually, men manage getting an erection while having experiencing stimulants in the form of sight, words, smell or even touch. Many men find the peculiar body smell of their partners as a tempting factor resulting in exciting signals that increase heart rate thereby increasing the blood supply to the penile tissues. The penile tissues relax only when an ejaculation occurs thus making the blood flow normal. Failure of the penis to sustain the erection during sexual intercourse renders the partner sexually unsatisfied. Mild male impotence decreases the ability to attain or sustain an erection owing to an intermittent satisfactory sexual pleasure whereas moderate and severe male impotence results in infrequent and absent satisfactory sexual pleasure respectively. The impotent males may thus become depressed, anxious or irritable due to the thought of a failed and unsatisfactory sexual intercourse.

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