How to Lessen Your Risk for Breast Cancer Information

Here are some very important things we as women must do to lower our risk of suffering from breast cancer:

Regularly do self-breast exams Be aware of any family history of breast cancer Consider your menstrual and reproductive history Schedule annual mammograms Exercise regularly Maintain a healthy body weight Limit alcohol consumption Swear off cigarettes Think “fresh” when it comes to food If you are age 20 – 39, you should perform breast self-exams and look for signs of change. Schedule a clinical breast exam every three years.

If you are age 41 – 49, you should have a mammogram every one to two years based on previous findings.

Your overall risk of developing any type of cancer before you turn forty is only 1 in 48, according to the ACS. I personally knew a young mother of several young children who was diagnosed with breast cancer and within three months she was dead. It was very tragic for her husband and children. But that is very rare.

If you are fifty and older, you should have yearly mammograms.

Half of all women diagnosed with breast cancer are over age 65.

Regarding your menstrual and reproductive history, early menstruation or late menopause, having your first child at an older age, or taking birth control pills for more than ten years if you are under 35 increase your risk of breast cancer.

If your mother or sister had breast cancer, you are at greater risk.

Also, if you have dense breast tissue and past radiation therapy to the breast or chest area or a history of hormone treatments, you are also at higher risk.

We need a cure for the health of future generations, and for the ones you and I love. Eradicating breast cancer has never been more important.

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